Am I Eligible for Attendance Allowance?

Am I eligible?

Attendance Allowance is available to anybody 65 and over with physical or mental disabilities and who need help with washing, dressing or eating. You are eligible for attendance allowance if you pay for your care in a care home.

You are NOT eligible if…

  • You already receive Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
  • You receive Disability Living Allowance (DLA)
  • You live in a care home and the local authority already contributes to your costs (Attendance Allowance will only be paid for the first 28 days)

Attendance Allowance isn’t means tested so your finances won’t be checked to work out if you’re entitled. To claim, you don’t need to be receiving assistance already, you just need to show that you will benefit from it.

How much does Attendance Allowance pay?

  • Day or Night: £68.10 Weekly [lower rate]
  • Day and Night: £101.75 Weekly [higher rate]

The amount of Attendance Allowance you get depends on whether you need help day or night or both day and night (or are terminally ill). Payments are calculated weekly and usually paid every 4 weeks.

How do I apply?

If you are eligible and want to apply, you need to fill in a ‘AA1 Attendance Allowance’ application form. You can request a form over the phone or print one out from

You then need to send the form by post to the address given on the application form.

All information contained in this page was correct as at 27/02/2024*

Need help filling out the Attendance Allowance Form?

Take a look at our top tips when filling out the attendance allowance form

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