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Every Moment Matters

We are committed to helping you locate safe and suitable care for patients in a prompt timeframe and for the move into our home be as smooth as possible, whether this is a move direct from hospital or from the patients home or alternative community location.

How do we do this?

Our care home teams endeavour to conduct same-day show rounds and same-day assessments for individuals you wish to refer into our homes,  allowing potential residents to move in within 24 hours.

We recognise that transportation can sometimes pose a challenge for those looking to move in and so we go the extra mile to help those where hospital transport is not available or will slow down the admission process. To do this, we offer taxi services from home or hospital to collect those who can travel by taxi, and in certain cases, we can even arrange for an escort. Our ultimate goal is to provide a swift and convenient same-day assessment and an admission within 24 hours, ensuring a positive experience for everyone involved.

Providing personalised, timely and friendly care

With homes across the UK (Scotland, England and Jersey), our care home teams go the extra mile to help you locate suitable, safe care for potential families and potential residents. In all our homes, we support D2A placements, permanent and short stays:

  • D2A beds
  • Short stay placements
  • Block Contracts
  • Spot purchase beds

Your Dedicated Business Development Manager

Our dedicated Business Development Manager works closely with the NHS and Local Authorities in each area and is available to answer any questions you might have. They are available to discuss commissioning requirements for block bookings, D2A beds or any other matters. Your BDM supporting health care professionals is: Jasbir Panesar.

To get in touch please contact via the email or over the phone using 07972134428.

Learn more about the care we provide

Providing personalised, safe care 

Our care homes offer:

  • Residential Care
  • Residential Dementia Care
  • Nursing Care
  • Nursing Dementia Care
  • Palliative care

We support permanent and short term care that supports individuals and their families through respite care and intermediate care.

We use specialist digital tools to assess the care needs of residents and the care required, ensuring that individual needs, care, mobility, environment are all factored into our understanding of the resident and the team required to support them.

We partner with sector leading organisations to support our intention to provide a service we can be proud of, which offers the opportunity for residents to make the most of every day.

Creating Magic Moments for each individual

We take pride in our person-centred approach, creating a warm and supportive environment that fosters physical, emotional, and social well-being for all those under our care. We take time to understand our residents so that our activities programme (Magic Moments) enhances their well-being and promotes a sense of community and belonging.  All of this is done on an individual level with activity relating to each individual logged on our Magic Moments Portal.

We use advanced digital tools to provide insights into our activity programme and since June 2022, our system has logged 600,000 activity records. In the last three months alone, we’ve achieved 36,513 hours of meaningful engagements, including 6,177 outdoor activities, 13,280 group events, and 43,035 one-on-one activities. Our Magic Moments strategy aims to provide personalised, meaningful activities and to increase fulfilment and help reduce isolation.  Through use of our digital tools, we can quickly understand trends within a home, identify residents in need of new or alternative strategies and closely monitor engagement of individuals.

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