Nursing Dementia Care Explained

Nursing Dementia care homes provide that extra support for those with dementia who also need 24/7 nursing care from the team in the home. Individuals requiring Nursing Dementia care may have more complex care needs or require input from a specialist nurse on a regular basis to ensure their care needs are met each day.

If you aren’t sure whether you need Nursing Dementia care or Residential Dementia care, please do get in touch with our team.

Care for people living with dementia

We offer care for people living with dementia, including residential dementia care and nursing dementia care depending on an individual’s needs.

Whatever their care needs, personalised care plans are created for each individual which not only look at the care needs but also help us to get to know the person, their life stories and preferences so that they can truly feel at home.

Optician service within our home

We’ve teamed up with one of the country’s leading eye care specialists to offer you a complimentary check-up from the comfort of your care home. We are proud to offer eye-care to all our residents with an optician experience provided from within our care home.

You can see our in-home optician service in action and read about our eye-care service here.

What is nursing dementia care?

Nursing dementia care is for those with more complex care needs including higher level cognitive support needs. Qualified nurses are available 24hrs a day and colleagues in our nursing dementia care services support those living with complexed cognitive needs, alongside long-term medical conditions or physical disabilities. Care is planned around the person, understanding their unique needs and preferences.

Our nursing teams are supported by a local GP and external healthcare practitioners, making sure our residents receive the very best care.

Find out about our residential dementia care here.

You Might Also Be Interested To Know

Our Nursing Dementia care homes care for individuals with complex health care needs, including but not exclusively:

Enteral feeding

We support individuals who are supported with nutritional and medication needs via a PEG tube.

Specialist Dementia Care

Our specialist Residential Dementia and Nursing Dementia Care provides care for individuals with Lewi Body Dementia (LBD), Parkinson’s Dementia and Korsakoff Dementia.

Dementia Care

Our Residential Dementia and Nursing Dementia care homes care for those with progressive brain disorders often referred to as a dementia, including: Alzheimer’s Disease and Frontal Lobe Dementia.

Swallowing Difficulties

We support individuals with swallowing difficulties and dysphagia by providing textured modified diets to continue to eat the foods they enjoy, safely.


We people living with diabetes to lead a healthy balanced lifestyle in line with their medication needs, including care of residents who require insulin.

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