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Simple blog post – DRAFT DM


Ashbourne Court Care Home. Resident June enjoying a cocktail

This September across our homes we hosted Community Coffee Mornings in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. We invited our neighbours into our homes for a chat and piece of cake. This not only helped to raise some money for a great cause but was also a brilliant event to help our residents stay connected with their community.

Why is it important to feel part of the community?

Maintaining or building local connections is incredibly important in helping communities to flourish. This is especially relevant when we think about our older generation. The community benefits from the wisdom they offer, the social history they carry, and the comfort they bring. In return, individuals gain a sense of belonging and inclusion. Whether an individual continues to feel involved in something that has been such an important part of their life for so long, or they have recently moved areas, it remains just as important to surround them with the people, amenities, and events nearby, so they feel at home in and comforted by the world around them.

The memories and wisdom of elders are invaluable resources, and we should all learn to embrace the value of multiple generations within a community. The world we live in is a rapidly changing place, and who better to share their knowledge or give advice on making the most of our time here than somebody who has experienced so much, especially within the community where you live?

How our residents keep connected with their community

Our homes actively contribute and play a key role in their local area. We are always inviting the community in and taking residents out for events like coffee mornings and garden parties. It’s important to us that residents continue to be able to socialise not only with their family and friends, but also with members of the local community.

At Four Seasons Health Care Group we regularly put on trips for our residents, as it’s always important to get some fresh air if you’re able to. Spending time with people never fails to brighten up your day, and revisiting places that hold fond memories can prompt some wonderful conversations. Not only do we go out to visit places, but we also try to have as many people and groups visiting homes as possible, from members of the church to visitors from local schools and the area’s WI.

Additionally, many of our team members live locally to our care homes too, which means they may share a common knowledge of people, events and facilities and are able to discuss the goings-on of the community – sometimes it’s enough just hearing an update, other times it provides a lasting bond with one another.

In conclusion, contrary to popular belief, moving into a Four Seasons Health Care Group home can not only help reconnect individuals to their local area with the opportunity to discover and attend events, enjoy group visits and stay ahead of the gossip, it can eradicate loneliness and provide that sense of belonging that can often be lost when you live on your own in later life.

To find out more just search for your local home and pop in for a chat. Who knows, there may be a familiar face waiting to greet you!

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