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Keeping a focus on eyecare as you age

Our eyesight changes as we get older and nearly all of us will need glasses by the time we are 65. In order to continue enjoying life with the best possible vision, it is really important to have the correct prescription.

Better sight can enable a person to look at photos of their loved ones, watch TV, use the internet or simply see their dinner. It can help them to recognise faces, enjoy the view, engage in the world around them, and help to maintain their independence and self-esteem – things that many of us take for granted.

Benefits of regular sight tests

It’s important to have regular sight tests to ensure that you have the correct prescription to improve eyesight and avoid putting strain on your eyes. Correcting the sight of someone with poor vision can help them to avoid bumps and significantly reduce their risk of falls, as well as radically improving their quality of life and wellbeing.

As well as general eye health, a sight test can identify and monitor eye conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration and floaters, and even some underlying health conditions like diabetes.

The importance of sight tests is further emphasised by the fact that The Royal National institute for Blind People (RNIB) estimates that over half of the older residents in care homes have some form of sight loss that can’t be corrected by glasses.

Helping residents to have the best possible vision

Four Seasons Health Care Group takes residents’ eye health seriously, which is why we have partnered with Connect Eyecare who are experienced in mobile eye care for older people and those living with dementia.

Connect Eyecare are on a mission to improve everything about mobile eye care for our residents and provide an  exceptional experience for our residents using  state of the art equipment and a dementia-friendly service delivered by the best Optometrists.

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