Intermediate Care

After a fall, acute illness or operation many older people benefit from rest and rehabilitation in a caring, safe and reassuring environment. Our homes that offer Intermediate Care give people time to recover and rebuild their confidence until they are ready to return home or choose the next steps for their care.

Our highly trained nurses and carers work closely with specialised multi-disciplinary support teams to work with patients to set joint goals and get them back home and living independently as soon as possible or preparing them for a move into a care home on a more permanent basis.

Intermediate care supports the local health and social care service in helping avoid unnecessary hospital admissions or prolonged hospital stays.
Hear from some of the patients in our Intermediate Care Centres in the video below.

Four Seasons Health Care Group approach to intermediate care is focused on the individual and their personal journey. We build patient confidence and create the best possible conditions for their recovery and future independence or long term care needs, while promising warm and special experiences for everybody we care for.

The Four Seasons and brighterkind Intermediate Care Framework forms part of our quality improvement programme that enables and promotes independence and wellbeing in homely and welcoming surroundings. The values and core principles of the Framework underpin all the intermediate care services we provide, helping us to deliver a technologically advanced and consistent service.

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