Mind, Body & Soul

Our Magic Moments® programme encourages all-round wellbeing with a range of vibrant interactions to stimulate the Mind, Body and Soul. You decide a personal programme, which can focus on keeping the mind sharp and agile, the body fit and mobile and the soul and spirit lively. Below are some holistic outcomes for each area.

Activities at Four Seasons Health Care Group

To stimulate the mind, we offer many activities. From reminiscence magazines to help spark memories, quizzes and online games like memory tiles to really get you thinking. We also have weekly printable word searches, cross words, Sudoku and riddles for residents who would like to work independently.

Activities at Four Seasons Health Care Group

To get you moving, we have two trained Oomph! Exercise team members in every home, the sessions are primarily for the body but they’re also fun, social and inclusive, playing the right music can stimulate the mind too and the social environment feeds the soul.

Activities at Four Seasons Health Care Group

Many of our activities feed the soul from a social standpoint, whether that be in a group activity with other residents or a 1-1 basis with a member of the team. Humans are social beings and having that opportunity to socialise is so important. Our soul activities really focus on interest based activity, such as knitting clubs, gardening, music groups and sing a longs.

The Mind, Body and Soul principle underpins everything we do in our Magic Moments program. Stimulating these three components is essential for our residents overall health and well-being. The World Health Organisation defines good health as “A state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” This highlights the importance of encompassing the Mind, Body and Soul into all that we do with our activities. The goal is to positively impact all our resident’s health and well-being in all areas listed above.


Magic Moments Activities at Four Seasons Health Care Group

Francesca, Magic Moments co-ordinator states:

“Tailoring our activities programme around the three core principles of Mind Body and Soul means that our residents always get a varied activities programme. It reminds us to maintain a balance in our activities provision, whether that’s: Oomph chair-based exercise, a spa experience, virtual travel, flower arranging, crafts, games, bingo, challenges, a cocktail masterclass, having a sing song, or joining in with our weekly quiz club, there’s something for everyone and the list keeps getting longer. Keeping our residents socially, mentally and physically fit has certainly improved our residents’ experiences of life in a care home, along with their families too”

Megan, Magic Moments co-ordinator states:

“As a whole incorporating the Mind, Body and Soul concept as a rule helps provide a service where we are accommodating the needs of our residents. Our meditation sessions are ran weekly where we show nature, sea life, space visuals & sounds for groups or on a one to one basis. These sessions have helped the residents to get head space, relax and un-wind. One of our residents has recently started listening to the mediations during the night that has helped with their sleeping issues.”

The Mind, Body and Soul principals are about ensuring we are not just simply ‘entertaining’ our residents, but we are entertaining them in a way that has the biggest impact.

Magic Moments Portal at Four Seasons Health Care Group

We have recently introduced digital resident activity documenting. This enables our activities team to record each activity they deliver, from which a percentage is generated for each component of Mind, Body and Soul to ensure they are delivering a good balance of each. We can also record which activities your loved one likes doing most and thereby offer a more personalised approach to our activities. The digital recording is super quick to operate, freeing up our activities team to spend more time with your loved one and creating magic moments every day.

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